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Annual Lecture with Dr. Margaret Brucia

Annual Lecture with Dr. Margaret Brucia


The Beatrix Farrand Society Annual Lecture

“Mary Cadwalader Jones: A Friend in Need”

Dr. Margaret Brucia

Saturday, August 1st at 4:00 pm

This talk, enhanced by images, highlights the personality and accomplishments of Mary (“Minnie”) Cadwalader Jones, a woman who has remained too long in the shadow of her celebrated relatives—Beatrix Farrand and Edith Wharton. In 1902, Minnie befriended Julia (“Julie”) Gardiner Gayley, then a young New York socialite and later a longtime summer resident of Sutton Island and Northeast Harbor. A close look at the relationship between these two women enables us to see why Minnie was so greatly admired and relied upon as a friend, not only by Julie, but by a host of Gilded-Age luminaries, including Henry James, John LaFarge, Marion Crawford and John Lambert Cadwalader.

This program is free. By purchasing this 'free' virtual ticket, you will be able to participate via Zoom. Zoom access will be emailed to you within three days of the program. 

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